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A genuine relationship is a two-way street with communication and trust openly and regularly flowing both ways. We are happy, and proud to have these relationships with the following clients. 

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"The leadership teams at both Julia Gabriel Education and Chiltern House Preschool have had the pleasure of attending team building workshops by Da Vinci Group.  On both occasions we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It is a unique experience taking you out to the dragon kiln in Jurong where you can focus on the work at hand. Saravanan clearly and cleverly integrated the experience of working with the clay and a deep level of thinking and learning.

Through initial meetings Amu and Saravanan understood our teams, their dynamics and any challenges we face. The experience of working with them was joyful and one we won’t ever forget".  

Fiona Walker

Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Schools

Julia Gabriel Education

"We had our first team bonding session on 6 Nov 2014 and wanted the afternoon to be fun and memorable.  Making the ceramic mural sounded great.  Da Vinci Group did a good job in facilitating the activity.  We formed groups and worked with clay to express our understanding of "Working together towards a common goal".  It was a great opportunity to relax, regroup and understand each other better, as well as, get on the same page with regard to the vision of our department. The ceramic mural serves as a great reminder to what we discussed that day and committed to. 

Ho Lye Kuan 
VP, Group Procurement 
ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited"

“Having the opportunity to meet and work with Amutha and Sara was an extremely privileged experience. What was an added bonus was that both of them believed in our organization's philosophy/ beliefs! When we asked them to design a training programme pertaining to the needs of our staff, they took time and effort to get the necessary information of the participants prior to the training, in order to cater the training more effectively for them. What is impressive is that they are one of the few who design their training in line with the culture of an organization. The training gave us lots of insight, reflection and is definitely transformational! We will definitely love to work with them again!  

Iris Lim


Chiltern House Preschool”

"Da Vinci Group shares a strong vision of children learning through play. This is seen through their facilitation of children's prior understandings and extending their cognitive processes through the
work of clay. We are very inspired by the founders of Da Vinci Group, Amu and Sara and their dedication in working with our school to value-add to our inquire.think.learn curriculum. They have opened up our views on the endless possibilities of clay in children's learning.

Renee Sim


EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 717”

“Attending a workshop held in a location so different from our workplace was quite an adventure and a welcome change from many other workshops that as a group of educators we have attended.  It was a wonderful balance of opening our minds, challenging our thinking, inviting us to share, giving us areas to reflect on and giving us the opportunity to create with clay!    The work we did to redefine integrity was indeed thought provoking.  Having the opportunity to create an individual piece to remind us of a "keep in mind thought" meant that even long after the workshop was over, the impact is still something we can draw on.  Working on our group piece was a great opportunity to build relationships and to encourage our group creativity - this was a wonderful way to end of a very enjoyable and stimulating day.  Thank you for facilitating our experience.


Fiona McDonald

Head of Learning Support & Training

Chiltern House Preschool”

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