June Holiday Programme

Gift Your Child Fantastic Fun This Summer 

Creative classes


A clay-based programme where children learn sensorial exploration


A drama based learning where children and teacher perform, to express and solve problems


A rythm and beats based programme that teaches the fundamentals while viewing content and engages children's brains at a heightened level.


ACER concepts that that apply simple logic that children can appreciate and use daily.

Our programmes are HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE to be in line with your school termly themes

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

– Albert Einstein

Why register ? 

Inside every child is a scientist, an explorer, a risk-taker with a deep thirst for adventure and wonder. At Da Vinci Group’s June Holiday Programme, we integrate a child-led learning approach that allows your little ones to rediscover their love for learning amidst a fun-filled educational experience.

Through our holistic child-centred learning process, our programmes are designed to enhance and engage children creatively, heightening their cognitive and motor functions. Our June Holiday Programme is jam packed with sensorial and experiential fun, allowing children to build sense perception, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative skills, amongst many others.

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Our Children in Action


"My son has really improved after lessons. He used to be a very silent boy but now he is better at communicating at what he wants to his mom and I"

- Parent of an N2 boy at E-bridge
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