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3 Cool Things You Can Learn Through Clay

Education Singapore: You've never seen fun learning this way before! Bring on the creativity with NeuroCeramics® and enhance your child's learning indefinitely! Read on for 3 cool things your little ones can learn through clay:

1. The Universe

Get on an adventure to outer space without leaving Planet Earth in our Education Singapore: NeuroCeramics® classes! Learn about the Milky Way and create a Coiled Galaxy Dish, or discover how the Sun affects us and build a Sun Disk for keeps.

2. Types of Cuisine

Learning about the different local and international cuisines through clay might sound like a novel idea, and it's a great way to bring creativity to the topic. Discover Italian, Greek, Japanese and local Singaporean food. Some ceramics works your children will be making include a pizza server and food platters.

3. The Habitat

Education Singapore: Children will explore the different seasons like Monsoon and Summer, as well as the variety of Natural Cycles on our planet including the rock cycle, the life cycle of a butterfly and more! Some creations include a Fish Wind Chime, a Rock Paperweight and a Key Ring Holder.


Education Singapore: Da Vinci Education believes education allows children to shape their lives powerfully. This is the value that drives our engagements with various schools throughout Singapore. Our goal is to encourage children to make a stand for themselves and create possibilities at a young age.

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