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Difference Between Clay And Plasticine

Education Singapore: The educational benefits of using clay to enhance learning in children have been widely researched, and that's why we use high quality clay as a platform in our cutting-edge NeuroCeramics® programmes in schools. Here are 3 reasons why this tactile medium works wonders with the young ones (and adults too!):

1. Multi-dimensional

Clay is multi-faceted while similar mediums like plasticine and doughs, are usually uni-dimensional.

Playing with clay has many layers to it, including: 

1. It has the highest tactile cognition factor.

2. The consistency of clay changes as you use it. From soft malleable clay, to clay powder, to an almost dry texture - these changes allow for greater brain engagement with whoever is using it.

3. As such, information is retained better, and learning is enhanced in our Education Singapore classes! 

2. Longevity

We use high quality birch and toasted clay to ensure that the masterpieces your children build in class are long-lasting and sturdy.

Having a functional product that has permanence to it (compared to plasticines that you put away at the end of a session) provides an important trigger effect. This trigger effect allows your little ones to remember their experience playing with clay every time they see their final product. 

3. Natural 

The clay we use is natural and as with many natural ingredients, it has a grounding effect. The clay is processed to remove any impurities and unwanted materials like rocks, twigs etc.

Connect with nature, and feel the therapeutic, calming effect of playing with clay!

Education Singapore: Da Vinci Education believes education allows children to shape their lives powerfully. This is the value that drives our engagements with various schools throughout Singapore. Our goal is to encourage children to make a stand for themselves and create possibilities at a young age.

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