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Excursions in Singapore for Preschoolers and Up!

Education Singapore: Looking for some fun and educational excursions in Singapore? Here's a handy guide with exciting learning journeys that your students will definitely want to go for!

1. Singapore Zoo

Head over to the Singapore Zoo and discover the zoo’s many animal residents, from ferrets to baby rhinos! Students will also be able to get up close and personal with otters and learn about these otters living in Singapore’s wetland ecosystems and understand the importance of caring for the environment for the animals.

2. Changi Beach Park!

Let’s take learning outside of the classroom and to the Changi Beach Park, one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore! Students will definitely enjoy feeling the sand, letting the waves hit their feet and the gentle sea breeze. They’ll be able to learn about the biodiversity of Singapore’s coastal shores and search for marine animals living on the shore such as the hermit crabs.

3. Dragon Kiln

Come explore a unique tour of Singapore’s oldest Dragon Kiln (traditional way of firing up pottery) with Da Vinci Group! Children will be able to learn about the heritage and history of the place as well as have a fun time learning with clay! Our dragon kiln programmes are absolutely hands-on, from getting our hands into the clay and differentiating clay from plasticines and doughs, to entering the kiln and feeling the walls, to finally glazing (painting) a piece of pottery.

Don’t miss this incredible sensorial feast for your little ones!

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