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Why Use Clay?

Education Singapore: The perfect way to get your little ones to embrace learning is to have fun! Clay is a multifaceted art form, and an excellent medium to engage with to expose your children to play-based learning. Here's 5 reasons why we use the powerful platform of clay in our NeuroCeramics® classes: 1. Highly Engaging

Research has shown that clay has the highest tactile cognition factor amongst other similar art platforms. It's the ideal medium to engage your little ones with, and enhance their learning. 

2. Creativity loop is complete

Education Singapore: In our NeuroCeramics® classes, we ensure that the creative masterpieces your little ones build are returned to your children as ceramic pieces. Now your children have a tangible (and functional) product to look at, use, and remember their experience of the class with! 

3. Interactive

Clay is a great way to engage in interactive play. It facilitates self-expression and imagination and is a great way to have children open up!

4. Fine Motor Skills

Hand building techniques like pinching, blending, and rolling the clay improves your children's hand coordination and fine motor skills. 

5. Safe

The clay we use in our Education Singapore classes is lead and toxin free, and made from natural clay. So hop on the creative bandwagon now!


Education Singapore: Da Vinci Education believes education allows children to shape their lives powerfully. This is the value that drives our engagements with various schools throughout Singapore. Our goal is to encourage children to make a stand for themselves and create possibilities at a young age.

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