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Why You Should Limit Your Child's Screen Time

Education Singapore: How much screen time is too much? While there are no hard and fast rules to reducing your child's access to digital devices, here are 6 reasons to consider keeping screen time to a minimum:

1. Too much screen time strains your child's eyes

Spending prolonged periods looking at smartphones and other similar digital devices can cause your child to have vision issues as well as symptoms like head and neck aches in the future. 

2. Prevent an over-dependence on digital technology

Education Singapore: Excessive periods of screen time can also overstimulate your child's nervous system, and cause an unwanted addiction to screens. This can impact your child's mood, focus and behaviour. 

3. Messes up sleep patterns

Exposure to screens before bed time affects how well your child sleeps through the night. The content of screen time and the bright lights can make it more difficult to fall asleep or maintain sleep.

4. Delays in learning and social skills

Children who watch too much TV in infancy and preschool years can show delays in attention, thinking, language, and social skills

5. More time to play and be active

Playing allows for children to make sense of their world, heighten their awareness, and express their thoughts and feelings. It also contributes to their creative development. 

6. Creates opportunities for you to bond with your child!

Less screen time means more time for parents to bond with your little ones! Take a walk in the park, visit the zoo, or carve out time during the next weekend to engage in play-based experiences. So hop on the creative bandwagon now!

Education Singapore: Da Vinci Education believes education allows children to shape their lives powerfully. This is the value that drives our engagements with various schools throughout Singapore. Our goal is to encourage children to make a stand for themselves and create possibilities at a young age.

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